Monday, July 28, 2008

Day One

So we are safe in our hotel room in Edmundston. We just tucked the kids in after having a late supper and swim. James has gone downstairs with his pool que on his back and we are all feeling quite tired.

We are so thankful for the way our day went. Although we didn't get away as early as we had hoped and we forgot a "few" things that my folks will bring with them later this week, it all went quite smoothly.

The drive is beautiful...we live in a grand country and it is amazing how each section of the provinces have their own signature look. The concrete of Montreal rolled into hills and greenery as the church steeples dotted the landscape of Quebec. We are just inside New Brunswick and

the farmlands are streching around us.

The children traveled well.

As I prepared for this trip I gained a whole new respect for my Mother who prepared for the trip home with us every summer. We traveled to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia with us 4 kids across ONE bench seat. We had no videos to watch and no games to play and no Auntie Christa to prepare gift bags to entertain us which included a joke for each day of our trip!! NO SIREE!! We just read until we were ready to vomit and then we would count head lights or sing The Candy Man!!

Anyway...all that to say the kids did well and we barely stopped. They are anxious to reach their cousins at the camp ground tomorrow and then on to Yarmouth on Wednesday...

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are hoping that we will be able to relax and enjoy a sweet time as a family!



.: Christa :. said...

Just because I always have to comment...

Praising God for your safe travels, and trust He will continue to provide in every way. I know your time as a family, extended and immediate will be so blessed!!!

Once again, you are loved and covered. Good night my friends... look forward to the next update.

Sonia said...

Hey! Nice pics ;) Glad to know your trip is going well so far. Give the kids hugs and kisses for me! I love reading your blog already, you're such an eloquent writer Mommy!
Oh, guess what! Kathryn tried to put her pants on all by herself today! She couldn't quite get it, but she had the right idea! She's getting to be very independent all of a sudden.
Anyways, hope the rest of the trip goes as smoothly. Looking forward to your next blog :)

Love your guts!