Sunday, July 27, 2008


So here it is the day before we leave on the first big vacation in 10 Years! We have been counting sleeps and the first words out of Noah's mouth this morning were, "there is only one sleep left till we go to Noba Scotia!"

We are not packed, we still have food to buy to keep the children from gnawing on each other, and we are sleep deprived, but we are going to have the best Grand ABENTURE (as Noah calls it) ever!

We will be traveling to New Brunswick first to camp with relatives and then onto Yarmouth for the Williams Family Reunion. The plan is that each family member will contribute to this blog as often as we can.

Thanks for joining us and thanks praying for our safety!


.: Christa :. said...

Really, I should wait the 37 minutes until it is the day of your vacation and see if you are packed. :) Tee hee. But I probably know the answer!

Love yas, and cannot wait to hear about all your grand adbentures!!!

.: Christa :. said...

Hmm.... the time is wrong on this thing. :)

Ina said...

have fun! Don't get to Skeeter-bitten(lol) and watch out for jellyfish