Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day Two ~ Continued by Carla

James was just finished writing his blog as we pulled into our campground in Penobsqis (pen-ob-squish) NB. Man were we in for a treat...a very "mary's castle" like treat! Our wee cabin sat perched on a slight hill and although it looked rather small it was really was cute...from the outside...

James' first question was..."do we only have one cabin?" All I could think about was how much my sister must have giggled at the thought of her "non-camper" sister sleeping in this cabin!!

We found out that they, (my sister and her family & Glen and the boys) were gone to Fundy National Park and were on the way to see the Hopewell Rocks. We quickly off loaded and jumped in the car for another hour long ride. We had to hurry because the tide was due back in soon. I was well worth the race! The most amazing sights and breathtaking views! We had to stop at our first sight of water in Alma take pictures and then off we went again!

On the way back to our camp site we of course stopped by the shore and bought lobsters!! I was quickly dubbed "Camper Carla" by my pain-in-the-neck sister and after sleeping with earewigs I think I earned the title!! So much to write and so much more to do will let the pictures do the talking and write more later!


Sonia said...

ok....first let me say I haven't even finished reading this entry and already I'm laughing my butt off for two reasons. 1) The look on Terry's face as he eyes the "bed" he'll be sleeping in, and 2) the fact that Terry is wearing Mom's sunglasses on his head...sparkly 'diamonds' and all!! bahahahaha Nice :)

Sonia said...

Ok I'm jealous!! Those lobsters look so yummy! I've been showing Kathryn the pictures and every time I say "look Kathryn it's Grammy!" she looks out the front door to see where you are! soo cute! She misses you guys, I can tell ;) She's come down with a cold, due to the weather we've been having in think (up and down, rainy, sunny, hot, cold...) and now has passed it on to poor Baby Cole! He's got a stuffy nose, and runny eyes and a tiny little cough that could break your heart. And it would figure that he'd get sick the first time when Grammy's not here to tell his Mommy what to do for him! ;) hehehe Miss you all and love you all! Say hi to everyone for me! *hugs and kisses* (yeah, you too Noah! *SMOOOOOCH*)

Hein Family said...

Looks like a great time! Looking at all that lobster is making my thirsty for drawn butter! :)

I love the group family photo! Haha, it seems like they are tired of picture-taking already! You go, Girl! Make them smile even if it kills them - "This is a family vacation afterall, so SMILE and look like you mean it!"

Love you and thinking of y'all! :)

.: Christa :. said...

All I have to say it, I cannot wait to scrap those pictures!!!!! I might have to take a trip to Micheals before you get back... ya know... for "supplies!.

Let me just tell you how proud I am of you. Earwigs? I am sure you can picture the melt down I would have had, if I had to sleep with them. (When I councelled at camp, part of my nightly OCD ritual was to spray all around my bed with heavy duty bugspray. Ha ha.)

Miss you muchly!

.: Christa :. said...

PS... I shoulda given you my tri-pod! Make sure you keep getting in the pictures too!

PSS... nice pants.

Sonia said...

Yeah don't forget there's a timer on the camera too! :P