Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Two ~ By James

Day one... I mean two, I lost track. Anyway, here we are in the car on the way to Nova Scotia and my legs are starting to go numb. The stay at the hotel was nice, big room, comfy bed. Would've slept like a baby if I hadn't been paired with Mr. Roll Myself In The Sheets Bellamy, or Rylan for short. Hang on I gotta ask Terry something... Ok, apparently we're not there yet. I swear those children in the back seat are going to kill each other before this is over, there has been an ongoing struggle over who's lap the blankets and pillows get shoved on, which is always ended by me reaching back and putting them back in the trunk where they came from. Then after five min'utes they get cold and need some blankets an pillows. There has also been an abundance of "Ow "Sorry Sorry Sorry" "HE HURT ME" "I SAID SORRY" and the occasional whispered utterances of such profanitites as "Meanie" and "Poopyhead." I've also noticed these children have a particular knack for going from completely silent to outrageously loud. For example: litterally thirty seconds ago we were driving along quietly when grace saw some hay, and lost no time in informing us of her disocvery by screaming "HAY" loud enough to make me glad I was wearing a seat belt lest I should hit the cieling. Rylan has busied himself by staring at the back of the seat in front of him... he does lead such an interesting life.

Meanwhile Mom and terry live blisfully seperated from the bickering squad by an entire row. Most of their time is spent trying to tune out the white noise outta the back seat so they can read the maps they printed of the internet. Only two or three missed turnpikes so far, not too shabby. Right about now we're discovering that our map doesn't actually know where the campground is, luckily the fourth construction guy we asked knew. I better pack this up, I'd like to have my shoes tied when the car stops so I'm ready to run away. I'll let you know if I actually get any lobster, between my aunt, my uncle, and my mom I don't like my odds. Tata


Sonia said...

ahh James you rock :) I don't know if I'm sad or glad there's no room for me and two more car seats and everything else I own in that crazy mobile ;)

.: Christa :. said...

I think I am gonna like reading your version of the trip the best. I can totally hear it all now!

Fabulous picture of your mom and Terry... love it! Definately a framable one!

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