Monday, August 4, 2008

A few more pics

After Church Noah pitched right in to help put the chairs away

Gracie & Sandra loving Aunt Audrey

Gracie Lovin' Aunt Elenor

We visited the old Homestead. The farm house is gone, but part of the stone wall and the Barn are still standing. Dad & Uncle Leo remembering.

Uncle George & the Barn we spent many summers playing in

James & Uncle Mike talking about what it would be like to see the house you grew up in, gone.

From this angle you can see where the house stood. We then visited the grave yard.

We picked water lilies to place on the stones.

My Great Grandmother's Grave & My Grampie and Nana's Graves


.: Christa :. said...

Such beautiful and meaningful pictures.

Sonia said...

Gracie's hair grows just like yours Mom :) I've never really noticed before until I saw the picture of her putting the flowers on your great-grandmothers (I guess my great-great-grandmothers) grave. Beautiful :)