Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Big Day in Yarmouth!!

We leave today on the Princess of Acadia for St. John. Then we will travel to Woodstock to camp with my brother and sister. We are so sad to leave and so thankful we had this time. Hope this ache doesn't linger.

Here are just a few pics from our last day here.

After a day at Upper Clements theme park we had our final feed and a bond fire.

Karen's neighbor Willard

The harbour at night from Karen's fron lawn

We squeezed into one van to go the picnic area for lunch...James was goosing Dylan i think.

They loved this one!!
Group shot & just one of the many gorgeous hyderangea bushes around Nova Scotia
So much Fun!!!

Keeping touch with Auntie Princess Christa

James & Dylan Taking Noah for the ride of his life!

The Grand Finally ~ Courtesy of James! Listen for the "oh nuts" right before he almost set himself on fire!!


.: Christa :. said...

I absolutely cannot wait to see all your 18 million pictures! (Seriously... how many are there?) Moreso, I cannot wait to scrap a million of your 18 million pictures. But most importantly, cannot wait to see you all again. In my prayers. Safe travels. The ache will only linger for a short while, replaced by a heart full of lasting memories. Love you.

Hein Family said...

I have enjoyed your blog so much. Thanks for taking the time to share your journey. It will be awesome to get together when you are back and celebrate all the blessings God has given both of us!! Love you.