Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leaving Yarmouth...and on to Woodstock.

It was a tearful good-bye as we left my cousin in her driveway and drove down the road to say good-bye to my Uncle Leo who made me cry again! The time was too short and we weren't ready to leave the ocean view, the salt air and our loved ones behind. But we had a reservation on the Princess of Acadia to cross from Digby to St. John and more loved ones awaited us in Woodstock for a few more days of vacation before the drive home.

The experience on the boat was one I was glad the kids could have. The smell and the sensation of being on the open ocean is a vivid memory from the many trips down home each summer. We saw porpoises swimming right next to us and it was a beautiful clear day for sailing. Still a chunk of our hearts were still on Grove Road in Yarmouth.
We were bound for Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Campground in Woodstock. And we arrived just in time for the evening Hay Ride with Yogi himself! We learned the Yogi Camp song and then watched while Yogi lowered the flag and gave good-night hugs before the bedtime story in the Boo-Boo Bear Pavilion. Then after a campfire with Auntie, Uncle Glen and the kids we retired to our cabin.

More to come about our camping adventures, killer waterslides and the smelly drive home!! Stay tuned!


.: Christa :. said...

I love that picture of you and N! So you saw porpoises... but did you see any puffins???

.: Christa :. said...

PS... you are not really going to blog about the smelly ride home are you? :)