Saturday, August 2, 2008

Spanish Lessons For Karen/ James Rides again/ Puffins

Soooooo I've been told to blog again... mostly becasuse it's 1:04 AM after a long day and mom doesn't wanna. 12:04 Our time. 11:04 using Ontario time as an excuse to forget that we didnt need to add an hour time. But late. I assume by now you've grown weary of readng and took a quick break to watch the video. If you didn't please go ahead, I'll wait. Done yet? No? then why are you reading this? Go watch it. Now... go go. Why are you still here? Move it! Watched it? Ok then, pop quiz what temperature was it in the room? If you answered anything other than "Freakin hot" you didn't watch to the end of the video. Go back and try again, do not pass go do not collect $200. Are you done yet? Good. Well that's about long enough to count as a blog. Nighty night. Oh I spose I ought to e'splain the video. Uhhh Aunt Karen has a mexican speaking girl coming on exchange, she was telling her over webcam (very loudly, apparently you can only hear in mexico IF WE TALK LIKE THIS) about our boat ride today (fine I'll tell you about that later) and when something was lost in translation she tried to search for the spanish word for Boat. Mom asked me what it was to which I absent mindedly joked Boat-a. So aunt Karen says "ON A BOAT-A." Terry hasn't laughed that hard in a while. I of course was innocent of the matter, thinking that she would realise I was kidding. It's barco if you were wondering. My sides hurt. Oh and about the boat thing, well Aunt Karen has a friend who took us out in his boat-a, half the group at a time, and we saw PUFFINS, and seals, and puffins, and we rode on the actual ocean (which was neat in and of itself), and saw puffins, and mom thinks she saw a porpoise but I think she's crazy; then again both could be true. Oh and mom saw puffins. She was very excited by the puffins. Puffins. They're a cute bird. I mean just listen to the name. Puffins. In't that adorable? Then we pulled into Yarmouth harbour in the boat-a, saw some scallop fisherman, and a rock weeder (basicaly picks seeweed for a living... gross) and we swapped with the other half o' family plus mom and Aunt Karen. So to kill the time while mom and Aunt Karen got a second ride.... and we didn't, nope, just got ditched at the wharf, all alone, just grace, and Tady Turchill, and I. Well to kill the time we basically bummed around Y Town, went to a park, read some reaaaaally old gravestones, chilled under the town clock with the town's gangsta's... all three of them. Puffins. And got some CANDY at Toot's, the greatest store this side of the army navy store where you buy a stop sign, put it up at the top of the hill, get a spy glass and say "look Martha we caught somebosy down there." If you're still reading this you're either Sonia and are laughing hysterically, have no life, or are Christa... yaaaaaa. Well that was the Boat-a ride. Oh and then we totally went the beach dude. I'd have brought you a jar of sand but, well, this ain't exactly Florida... s'more like a bucket of mud. oh speaking of s'mores that is how we topped off our day (after catching and killing and eating some crabs and multiple periwinkles {ta's snails for you land lubbers [and Escargot for the frenchies]}) eatin' s'mores at Autie and Uncle Mikes camp site. Oh yah and APPLES TO APPLES. And boat-a. That's all I got. Puffins. Oh and does anybody know if I already have a Nova Scotia spoon? Cuz I bought one, and a Yarmouth one, but I feel like I already have a NS one... let me know.



Grand Abentures with the Bellamy Family said...

Sooooo APPARENTLY noone told me it was supposed to be a concise paragraph, not a rambling monologue. If I had my own blog it would be too long for the internet to hold.

.: Christa :. said...

James, you are too much. I would read your blog if you have one b/c you keep me laughing hysterically! (And you are right...the only ones who would keep reading are Sonia and I!) Thanks for the update. Write again soon

.: Christa :. said...

If you had a NS spoon, where might it be?

Am very jealous of your Apples to Apples game. I bought one of my own, but Bronte isn't much of a game player! :(

And ps...I much prefer the rambling monologue.

Sonia said...

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....*deep breath* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just in case you're wondering that is me laughing hysterically! How did you know it was me James?? ;) tee hee