Monday, August 4, 2008

Remembering and dreading the Goodbyes

So the time is drawing closer for us to start thinking about getting ready to pack up and leave this land we love! :( It's very bittersweet for me. I have so many fond memories from my childhood of the many summers spent visiting here and even more special people here that I see to infrequently.
To have this time to reconnect with my sweet Karen and her kids and to see my cousins and Aunts and Uncles is a reminder of how blessed I am to have been born a Williams. Each of them has had a special touch on my life. I have specific memories of each of them too. My Cousin Brian and his wife Bonnie just left here after one last visit with them before we go. I have a special memory that is mine alone of Brian...besides the "elephant call"...I got a special ride on the back of Brian's beloved, shiney motorcycle one summer...back when he had hair *winks* and I melted my way cool North Stars all over his tail pipe!!! He was so gracious and never made me feel bad about it and I was always impressed by that and so grateful.
I remember running around the property of my Aunt Gwen's house with Timmy, Jeffery and Graham...we would hunt for treasures in their big garage and climb into the boat that was inevitably parked in their yard and pretend we were Lobster men just like Big Gord.
I remember being up in Karen's room in Hebrun and telling secrects into the wee hours of the morning and falling asleep sometime before the bakery workers(next door) started baking the bread that we would wake up to the smell of. We also were the filters for each other as we processed the loss of our Grandmother when we were 15 & 14.

We have loved being here and could easily live here. Even with the fog!! It's like a facial every day! I have salt water running through my veins and feel very at home here...but this is not where God has planted us....yet!

We are planning a day in Annapolis Royal tomorrow at a water park that has a safari. Hopefully we will make it home in time to get to the lobster pound down at the beach! Got to get one last taste!
Today Terry & James installed a new front door here for Karen to help earn our keep...with the help of Noah of course.
I did laundry and watched them (from our bedroom window) blowing in the salt air with the ocean in the distance...sigh

Well I will write more later...Dylan just got home with a bag-o-treats from the Bulk Barn where he works...we haven't had enough sugar this trip so I feel obligated to partake!!
More later....


.: Christa :. said...

While I am sad knowing you will be sad leaving the people and land you love, I can't wait for y'all to come home. You are so very missed. Mwah.

Grand Abentures with the Bellamy Family said...

And I am sure when we get there we will be glad to be home and to see the people we love there!!

.: Christa :. said...

That is always the way! You will continue to be in my prayers as these next few days will be wonderful I am sure, but sad nonetheless. Now we (being James' faithful blog readers, Sonia and I) are the ones counting the sleeps! :)

Sonia said...

Christa's totally right! I almost felt guilty wanting you to come home so badly when I know you're having such a great, stress free (well, at least much less stressfull) time by the Sea. It's strange to say, but it felt much different when I used to go away to camp for just as long, than for you all to go away from me! I'm going to miss your blog though when it's over ;)

.: Christa :. said...

Sonia - It is always different when you are the one who leaves. You have stuff to look forward to, while the rest of the world is stuck at home rotting. :) Tee hee.

Sonia said...


.: Christa :. said...

I think it is funny that you (Sonia) and I are "chatting" via your moms blog! ;)